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6 Apps to Maximize Time With Your Child After Divorce

Co-parenting requires scheduling and time management skills that could trip up even the most organized parents. And the back-and-forth messaging with the co-parent during this time might be all but impossible during challenging divorce proceedings. Not to mention when sharing custody, extra time gets spent planning, documenting, messaging, documenting, scheduling, documenting, filing receipts, and did […]

Minimize Spending Around the Holidays as a Divorced Parent

The holiday season is in full swing. For those who are recently divorced, this may be the first time managing the highs and lows of this busy time on your own. In addition to the busyness associated with the season, it’s a prime time for spending, and sometimes overspending. This may create an even more […]

Who Gets Pet Custody After Divorce?

While there are many resources on parenting after divorce– from custody schedules to co-parenting payment apps such as DComply — there are other lovable lives at play when couples divorce: the pets! Who gets pet custody after your divorce? Figuring out where Fido, your golden-doodle or Fluffy, your tabby cat, is going to end up […]

3 Tips For A Divorce Settlement With A Positive Outcome

Divorce is never easy, whether you enter an agreement early and easily or are constantly fighting to reach an agreement. Whichever option you fall into, there are things that you can do to help your divorce settlement reach a positive outcome.  Since 2014, we have helped hundreds of couples navigate the divorce process by offering […]

8 Inspirational Divorce Quotes To Help You Heal

Divorce quotes can offer comfort at a difficult time in our lives as they can help to frame the way we think. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts through the pain you are experiencing after a divorce. While there may be some sense of relief from moving on after an unhealthy or toxic relationship, there are […]

What You Need To Know About Starting Over After Divorce At 50

Am I too old to find love again? WIll I die alone? Do I have enough for retirement? Divorce at any age is likely to leave you feeling emotionally and/or financially insecure, but starting over after divorce at 50 can feel downright scary.  So where do you begin your ​​life after divorce over 50? What […]

Understanding Social Media And Children’s Mental Health: How To Help Your Child Maintain Their Self-Worth

In an age where 90% of children are using social media, it is important to understand children’s mental health and self-worth can be affected. This guide will help you to understand the relationship between social media and children’s mental health and give you tips on how you can help your child maintain their self-worth. Why Social […]

Is Your College Degree Marital Property In Your Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce and are wondering: is your or your spouse’s college degree marital property, this guide will give you the answer. Is A College Degree A Marital Asset? I know what you may be thinking; “how could a degree or license be considered an asset?” If you cannot put an […]

How To Get Replies On Dating Sites

Congrats! You did it—you matched with someone on a dating app. You’ve even taken the hardest step and started a conversation, asking how their week is going or referencing that funny thing in their profile. But now what? How can you be sure that you’ll get a reply? I puzzled over this when I first started […]