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Is Your College Degree Marital Property In Your Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce and are wondering: is your or your spouse’s college degree marital property, this guide will give you the answer. Is A College Degree A Marital Asset? I know what you may be thinking; “how could a degree or license be considered an asset?” If you cannot put an […]

How To Get Replies On Dating Sites

Congrats! You did it—you matched with someone on a dating app. You’ve even taken the hardest step and started a conversation, asking how their week is going or referencing that funny thing in their profile. But now what? How can you be sure that you’ll get a reply? I puzzled over this when I first started […]

Relocating With A Child After A Divorce: How to Ease Your Child’s Relocation

Life after divorce can be complicated and messy. Not only is it a difficult path for both parents involved, it can be especially hard on children. It is not uncommon for relocation of one parent to take place after a divorce. So if you are relocating with a child after a divorce, you might want […]

3 Strategies For Helping Teenagers Through Divorce

If you’re in the middle of a divorce, you are likely struggling with how to get through a divorce emotionally, and how to help your kids through it, too. Divorce is tough on all children, but it can be especially rough on teens. Or perhaps it’s that teens are especially rough on their parents. If […]

Self Care for Single Parents

Whether you’re recently divorced or have claimed the ‘single parent’ status for a long time, finding time for self-care can seem almost impossible. Between the demands of parenting and having a career, self-care seems more like a fever dream than reality. But self care for single parents is just as important as everything else on […]

5 Tips For Taking Selfies From The Dating Coach

93 million selfies are taken every day. That includes holiday pictures, profile pictures, selfies to use for online dating, and everything in between. But some of us don’t always get the perfect photo the first time. Some of us need to read a few tips for taking selfies. I’ll level with you: Gen Zers were […]

How Men Can Regain Confidence In Themselves After Divorce: 3 Steps

Anyone who’s been divorced would let you know that it was probably one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to go through. Moreover, divorce can take a huge toll on how you view yourself. Feelings of inadequacy and failure can be common for people going through a separation. That’s why it’s crucial to keep […]

Divorce Limbo – What Is It & How To Get Through It

I was speaking with a new client yesterday and she has been going through her divorce for more than 4 years now.  FOUR YEARS of her life tied up in the process and no end in sight. This is extreme but divorce often takes much longer than anyone ever thinks it will and living in […]

3 Tips On How To Emotionally Handle A Divorce

Getting divorced takes you through a full range of emotions, from anger to sadness and everything in between. Everyone goes through a rollecoaster of feelings. But you can make this easier by knowing hot to emotionally handle a divorce. Why Handling Your Emotions Are Important It’s important to recognize the impact of your emotions, because […]