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Co Parenting App Pricing

Try DComply free to send seven transactions with no risk. We will not ask you for a credit card to kick off a trial. If you’re paying bills and not using the app to send bills, then the app will be FREE for you to use for as long as you’re only paying bills. After inputting your 8th bill, you will be presented with one of two alternatives Premium or Basic. In summary there are three user types, Trial/Free, Basic, and Premium.

DComply Premium offers send/receive of payments in the app directly through ACH transfers. No manual tracking of payments received, the app automatically tracks child support and shared expense balances for you. To send bills and receive payment this option is $5.99/month.

DComply Basic is our expense tracking option designed for parents who are either using the app as an expense tracker with other parent, or using the app without co-parent to track expenses and manually track payments and balances. To input expenses and use billing, tracking and reporting functions, the app is $2.99/ month after trial has completed.

DComply Free/Trial allows users to test expense capture and billing functions free in DComply for seven bills. If one parent only pays bills or views bills in the app, that parent will remain in Free/Trial mode forever. If you have a co-parent that only makes payments make sure to tell that parent DComply will be free to them.

Use our referral program, Get $20, give $10, and for every person you refer that subscribes to Premium or Basic, you will earn a $20 gift card. Your references will also receive a $10 gift from DComply after subscribing Sorry, your co-parent doesn’t count as a referral.



DComply leverages industry leading technologies to protect users’ information and prevent unauthorized transactions. Bank credentials and other sensitive information are never stored on DComply servers, and we partner with Plaid (which helps power Venmo, Transferwise, and Robinhood) and Dwolla (the leading platform for ACH transfers) to facilitate payments. We also employ a variety of monitoring techniques to keep DComply safe. Security is a fundamental part of our culture, and nothing is more important to us.


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