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DComply App Features

Send Quick Bill

Just went to the doctor's office and paid a co-pay? Take a picture, log the expense, press send and the bill is on the way to your co-parent in seconds. When the other parent pays the bill the reimbursement will go straight into your bank account.

Pay Bill

You received an email reminder to pay for soccer camp and need to write the check and log the expense so you have proof of payment. With DComply, you can pay it directly in seconds, with full documentation.

Pay child Support

Always know where you stand on child support, whether you pay it or receive. You can even turn child support on autopay; never be late again or write another check. All transactions between are logged and you’ll always know your balance.

Scan Receips

No one likes saving receipts. With DComply you can take a picture of your receipt and import them into the app and save them for whenever you’re ready to send the bill.

Send Recurring Bill

Do your kids have lessons you pay for weekly or monthly? DComply lets you set up recurring bills that automatically happen each week or month.

Send Multi-item Bill

Want to send one bill with multiple expenses? No problem. Use the multi-item bill button to add expenses to a single bill, and send it on its way.

Balance Summary

Quickly see what you owe and are owed. See all outstanding bills and send a reminder with the press of a button. You can also go to this tab to see the log of all completed transactions between you and your co-parent.

Export Transactions

Quickly and easily create a PDF report that outlines your financial history with your other parent. You can see child support payments, all completed transactions, outstanding bills and items that are in dispute.

Manage Disputes

You won't always agree with the other parent on money matters. To help, DComply offers a dispute process. Active disputes are ongoing until the dispute is documented, meaning that you've agreed to disagree. DComply keeps a log of all active and documented disputes automatically for you.