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Easily Send Bills With DComply!

If you need to send bills, it should be as simple as entering the amount you need paid and to whom. Sounds easy, right? The DComply co-parenting app makes sending bills just that easy for you and our co-parent. Read more about how it’s done below!

Effortlessly Manage Bills And Expenses

In the real world, it’s hectic. Bills are sent consistently, and there is often more than just one bill for multiple items to send.

DComply tackles all of these situations with ease. Additionally, it offers a variety of user-friendly features to send recurring bills and multi-item bills. DComply helps keep the sending of your bills as simple as it should be.

With DComply, you can manage your bills, pay child support online and track expenses in a way that works for you! Say goodbye to your child expense spreadsheet and say hello to DComply!

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Easily Send A Quick Bill

It should never be a struggle to send out a bill and manage expenses. The good news is that DComply makes it super simple!

As you know, bills should be paid quickly. Failing to do so can lead to stress and less money for you. Let’s get into exactly how you can send a quick bill with DComply!

STEP 1: Download The App

The first step to sending bills with DComply is to download the app if you haven’t already done so. We have conveniently put links to download DComply in both the App Store and on Google Play below.

DComply app storeDComply Google Play
Send Quick Bill

STEP 2: Select “Send Quick Bill” In The Interface

When you first enter into the DComply app, you will have an interface of features you can choose from. Select the first feature which is located in the top row on the left hand side. You will note that this feature is labeled “Send Quick Bill”.

STEP 3: Describe The Expense

At this point you will input information about the expense in the area labeled “describe the expense”. Here are a few things to note:

  • Conveniently add the total that you need to send
  • Adjust the percentage if you are splitting between a co-parent

STEP 4: Send Your Quick Bill Easily

Once you’ve described the expense and selected the amount you want to send, continue to the next page and add the following additional details:

  • Select the category for the reason you’re sending the bill
  • Select your child or children that are related to the bill (e.g., a medical bill)
  • Finally, the date of the expense and any notes or comments that you would like to add

Send Recurring Bills Through The App

Sending recurring bills is similar to sending a quick bill in DComply. If you have recurring bills like medical bills or alimony, they can all be sent through our simple app interface. Sending your recurring bills in DComply is especially easy because of our automated system. In this way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting a bill and can leave the work up to us!.

We’ve conveniently added a video for troubleshooting and adding a bank account in DComply. Make sure you check out the video and let us know if you have any additional questions.

Additional Info On Sending Bills Digitally With DComply

  • Steps For Setting Up Recurring Bills

    Here’s how to set up your recurring bills in the app!

    • select ‘Send Recurring Bill’ in the middle of your app interface
    • Similar to how you send a quick bill, describe the expense
    • add the total expense and adjust how much the other parent owes
    • Select the category for the bill
    • enter how often you want to send the bill
    • Finally, decide when you want to start sending the bill and when you want to end it.

    Just remember, if you start the bill on the same day you created the expense, the other parent won’t have time to accept the payment. In addition, the bill will expire if it isn’t accepted by the other parent.

    So, if you chose to start the recurring payment the same day you set it up, the other parent wouldn’t have time to approve the payment — the bill will expire instantly.

  • Send Multi Item Bills With Ease

    If you need to send multiple bills at once but want to stay organized, the multi-item bill feature can help you do just that. Using the multi-item bill tool is similar to sending a quick bill but helps you stay organized by allowing you to name and create a group for a specific set of bills (think of creating a music playlist). Making the sending of your bills even easier.

    The process of creating a multi-item bill is similar to creating a quick bill — the only difference is naming your multi-item bill.

    • Select the multi-item bill feature
    • provide a name for your expenses

    Once you got that out of the way, you just create the expenses you want to send

  • Easily Manage Billing And Tracking Expenses

    And just like that, your bills are sent.

    Now hopefully, the thought of sending bills doesn’t seem too daunting.

    Managing and tracking billing expenses could be simpler than what you thought with DComply. It really doesn’t take more than just a few clicks to send bills with DComply.

Send Bills Effortlessly!

If you haven’t already decided to download DComply, we know you’re going to. You’ll love how easy the app is to use. Send bills effortless with DComply today!

Co-parenting just got easier.

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