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You know that co-parenting relationships are fragile and a missed payment, disagreement or misunderstanding over child expenses and support can escalate quickly, sometimes leading to alienation or litigation. Help your clients avoid these challenges by adding DComply to their divorce agreements. Our friends at Ruvolo Family Law in Morristown, NJ drafted this language that you can easily insert into agreements. By using DComply your clients will have a digital history of what expenses are paid, not paid, and overdue. They’ll never again need to reconcile that shoebox of receipts with bank statements and spreadsheets!

In the event that your client has to go to court, rather than have to sort through tons of records the client can simply pull a DComply report to either prove the effort to collect or defend payment history. With today’s technology there’s no reason why co-parents can’t have the transparent financial relationship they deserve.

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