Which App is for you? DComply Co-parenting or Our Family Wizard

Managing co-parenting is complex enough without having to manually track all of the related expenses. Whether you want to send your ex-spouse a quick bill for a doctor’s visit, keep a record of who paid what for piano lessons, or simplify child support payments with auto-pay, there’s a quick, easy, automated solution. In fact, there’s more than one!

If you’re deciding between the DComply co-parenting app and another co-parenting tool known as Our Family Wizard (OFW), consider these distinct benefits of DComply.

Available for just one parent

Our Family Wizard requires both parents to pay for subscriptions, which is great… as long as both parents are fully onboard. But if not, you’re out of luck.

DComply allows for single-parent subscriptions so you can still enjoy the benefits of our simple, convenient co-parenting app, even if you can’t get your co-parent to subscribe. They can still view and pay bills in the app without paying any fees.

Unlimited GB

No matter how much data you use with DComply, you’ll never accrue data storage fees. With OFW, you’ll have to purchase the Premium Plan ($204 per year) to get unlimited storage.

No transaction fees

Our Family Wizard’s transaction fee pricing is confusing and can land you with unexpected charges. Consider this wording from their website: “You may be charged a transaction fee to send a payment to your co-parent via OFWpay. It will depend on factors such as your subscription package, your subscription add-ons, or the version of OFWpay you are currently using.”

That’s a lot of “depends on” verbiage!

The OFW Essentials Plan only allows for eight transaction fees per year. Once you’ve exceeded that, OFW will charge you $2.50 per transaction, which adds up very quickly.

DComply has a simple solution: No transaction fees, ever!

Hands-down cheaper

For just $36 per year, you can get the DComply app for expense tracking and sending bills. If you want more features, you can notch up to our premium DComply plan with all of our features for a total of $72 per parent/$144 per couple.

OFW does not offer this low-cost barrier to entry. Consider OFW pricing:

  • A la carte: $198 per couple (since there’s no single parent option). Capped at 1GB data storage.
  • Essentials Plan: $288 per couple, capped at 5GB data storage and 8 free transactions. If you only want expense tracking, there’s no option to pare down the plan. It’s one size fits all! You pay for the full suite of features regardless of whether or not you use them.

To recap, DComply’s premium subscription with unlimited data/transactions costs $144 per couple vs. $300 per couple for the basic OFW subscription with limited data storage and potential transaction fees.

In other words, OFW’s basic subscription is more than twice as expensive as DComply’s full subscription, even before transaction fees.

100% risk-free trial

Want to test the waters? DComply lets you do so with absolutely no commitment. You won’t even have to enter your credit card. Simply download the app in free trial mode, and you can send up to seven transactions with no risk whatsoever. We believe you should be able to explore the app and make sure it’s the best fit for you before you assume any kind of financial obligation.

Opt out at any time

With DComply, you don’t need to lock yourself into a lengthy contract. In fact, you can cancel at any time without a fee. With OFW, you can only cancel during your 30-day guarantee period. Beyond that, you’re stuck for the year.

Streamlined transaction process

If you are using Our Family Wizard, your co-parenting partner will need to approve every single transaction, which bureaucratizes the logging process instead of streamlining it.

DComply takes a simpler approach, allowing transactions to move forward without your co-parent having to sign off on each one. The built-in “disputes” function allows either co-parent to challenge a transaction at any time, but the process won’t get bogged down in the meantime.

Dispute management feature

Financial disputes with your co-parent can be very stressful, but there is no dedicated feature in OFW for resolving them.

DComply provides a handy dispute management tool that allows you to document and work out financial disagreements without heated conversations. It tracks documentation of full or partial bill disputes, allowing you to log comments and upload documents that support your argument. This documentation can be exported and used during third party negotiations if needed. And at any given time, you can see which bills are in dispute, why they are in dispute, and where they are in the resolution process.


While OFW has added mobile features, it was designed primarily for desktop users. DComply, on the other hand, was built exclusively for mobile applications for modern, on-the-go parenting. The app is smooth, intuitive, and fast on any mobile device. No glitches, delays, or inefficient processes.

Detailed transaction reports

Our best-in-industry transaction reports leave the competition far behind. It’s one thing to see if a charge has been billed and paid, but that’s only one part of the story.

DComply provides detailed reporting that gives a full picture of how your co-parent is meeting their financial obligations. DComply tells you the type of bill in question, when it was paid, how many days a bill was left oustanding, and more.

The report also details payment disputes and tracks child support separately from other expenses. You won’t find a more thorough, user-friendly transaction report than DComply’s.

The DComply app for divorced parents can help you manage the complexities of co-parenting with far less emotional and mental stress. It’s cheaper, simpler, and more effective than the competition. Sign up for your 100% risk-free trial today.

Our Family Wizard Alternative:

Which App is for you? DComply Co-parenting or Our Family Wizard