Pay Bills With DComply

The DComply application makes it simple to manage co-parenting for blended families. By using the app, both parents have a place to organize responsibilities such as working through disagreements, child support payments, and track shared expenses. One of the app’s features is the ability of divorced parents to pay bills when both share responsibilities for the same child.

Benefits of Paying Bills Through DComply

Before platforms like DComply, separated, or divorced couples who shared children were required to agree to and manually manage bill payments. Problems frequently arose with this type of agreement, such as:

  • Misunderstandings about the agreements themselves. With verbal agreements about who will pay what bill, there is always a chance of one of the parties misunderstanding his or her responsibilities.
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  • Without having the agreements for bill payments and paying child support recorded in writing, one of the parties could easily deny that they had agreed in the beginning.
  • Bill payments and sending bills could be late or missed entirely due to not have due dates and responsibilities captured in writing.

The benefit of using DComply is that all of the issues above can be solved by using the system. All responsibilities, due dates, and amounts can clearly be agreed upon, recorded in the app, and understood by both parties. The bill payment option removes the issues discussed above and allows for smooth co-parenting.

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Navigating the DComply Bill Payment System

To use the bill payment option in DComply, you must first download the application. DComply is available for download from the App Store and Google Play. You will see links below where you can do that. Once downloaded, shared bill payments can be agreed upon and entered into the app. Next, we will outline the two different ways and the steps for paying bills after they are entered into the system.

Paying Bills Through the Balance Summary or Pay Bills Icon

There are two ways to pay bills within the DComply system. One is through the Balance Summary icon, and the other is through the Pay Bills icon. Below are the outlined steps for using the pay bills option in the DComply app system.

Step 1: Open the Balance Summary or Pay Bills by pressing the icon. Once the icons are pressed, the screen will change to show all of the bills owed. In the Pay Bills section, you will be given a choice to view a single bill or all recurring bills owed.

Step 2: Select a bill to be paid. Once a bill is selected, it will open a new page. At this point, you will see the details of the bill that is owed, such as how much is owed, what percentage of the agreed bill you will be paying, a description of the bill, and any due dates.

Step 3: Now, you can choose to accept and pay or dispute the bill in its entirety or partially by clicking on the corresponding button. Choose “Pay with DComply Pay” if you agree or “Dispute All or Part” if you do not agree.

Step 4: If moving forward with the bill payment, clicking the “Pay with Dcomply Pay” button will take to you to a payment screen. Once on the payment screen, you will have the option to confirm payment by selecting the payment option button that will use your uploaded payment method set into the system.

Step 5: After selecting the payment option, you will see a confirmation pop-up that your payment was successful.

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You can also confirm that the payment was made by entering into the “Balance Summary” area. Any bill that was owed should show a zero balance at this point if the bill was paid in full. This same screen also allows you to view all past bills that were owed and paid.

Making Co-Parenting Efficient

Agreeing on and paying bills while co-parenting is much easier when using the DComply platform. In addition, tracking and recording expenses is much easier too. Gone are the days of arguing at the last minute over bills that your child needs to be paid. By using the app and agreeing beforehand, both parents can make transactions drama free. For bill payments that you do not agree with, the app allows for disputing the charge without making contact with the former partner. This is only one of the many beneficial features of using the DComply application.

Pay Bills Effortlessly With DComply

If you haven’t already decided to download DComply, you definitely should. In addition, we are open to any questions you may have and you can contact us at any time. You’ll love how easy the app is to use. Pay bills easily with DComply now.

Co-parenting just got easier.

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