Pay Child Support Online With Your DComply App

Pay child support online easily and seamlessly. Welcome to the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way for any parent to make and receive your child’s payments online. In fact, DComply is often considered a Venmo replacement that offers assistance in making payments that are easy to manage, track and pay online. With our app and the services it provides, child support will be paid and tracked in a simply easy to use tool! DComply helps to minimize the stress of co-parenting and divorce through the ease of use of our app and ongoing support. Choose us over Venmo to make payments and record transactions.

Pay & Receive Child Support Online

If you are interested in paying and receiving provisions online, it’s super easy to set up services with a DComply account. Here is a breakdown of information what to expect when you use our app to manage child support payments.

  • Download the app for FREE
  • Invite your co-parent
  • Easily set up payments
  • Easily track payments and expenses

The #1 Child Support Payment App For Android And iPhone

DComply is the #1 best co-parenting app for paying child support on your Android or iPhone. You can easily set up everything in our simple, secure system and by creating an account. Let’s get into the basics of how you can use DComply to pay child support online. Read more information below or contact us with your questions.

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How To Pay Child Support Online

If you aren't sure how to pay child support online, DComply can make it easy for you. You and your co-parent will easily be able to set child support payments in our simple to use application. DComply allows you to efficiently make payments for child support from your card or bank account, as well as manage all record keeping to avoid problems and track information.

STEP 1: Get An Account

You can easily download the app and get an account by selecting one of the two options below! If you have an iPhone, Download the DComply app in the App Store. If you have an android device, get it on Google Play!

DComply app storeDComply Google Play
Pay Child Support Online With Your DComply App

STEP 2: Request Child Support Payments Or Arrears

The next step is to open the app and click the icon that says “child support”. You will easily find this icon in the first row on the right hand side of your screen. From here, you will be prompted to indicate what type of transaction you will be making. Are you receiving money or sending it? In addition, you will come to a page that says “manage child support”. You can choose between the following:

  • Request Child Support Payments
  • Request Arrears
  • View Support Payments
  • Get DComply Help

Simply click on the appropriate option from the menu. You will be prompted to enter the appropriate information and amount to request in either payments or arrears. At that point, you will send your request to your co-parent and easily complete the transaction.

STEP 3: Export Child Support History

From here, you can easily also select “view support payments” and efficient export child support history. It’s really as simple as tha


STEP 4: Request Support When You Need Assistance

We here at DComply are always here for you regarding your online payments or any other questions you may have. If you have any issues at all, you can Get DComply Help. You can simply contact us from our navigation menu or click the option “Get DComply Help” illustrated in the screenshot. We can’t wait to hear from you and make your life easier with our app and it’s wonderful services!

Pay Child Support Online

You can pay child support online using the DComply app for Iphone or Android. Our service is easy and doesn’t cost a thing!

You’ll love the seamless record keeping and its ease of use. DComply is often known as a Venmo replacement that makes your co-parenting a stress free experience. Begin by simply downloading the app and easily setting up payments.

Get started today and gain access by setting up an account. From paying your co parent to record keeping, you’ll love how easily DComply fits into your busy lifestyle and the assistance it provides. If you’re not sure what to do, contact DComply support with your questions and for assistance and information on how to get started.

Additional Info Regarding Paying Child Support Digitally

  • DComply Simplifies The Problem!

    Child support is hard. Many parents need the assistance from a co parent. The problem is that getting information and real assistance can be tricky.

    Poorly managed child support can leave both parties feeling:

    • angry
    • depressed
    • frustrated
    • easily agitated
    • on bad terms with their co-parent

    While state guidelines are well intended, no formula can possibly determine the varying needs of millions of children who are the benefactors of child support. It’s understandable why both sides can argue that a support order isn’t fair.

    DComply resolves all issues and miscommunications through the ease of use of our app and services. We’re here to make your life as a parent easier. Set up an account today.

    Contact us today for more information on our service. DComply support will always get back to you in 24 hours or less!

  • Easily Track And Record Everything Right In The App!

    Tracking child support payments sounds easy enough though, right? As a parent, you are probably aware that there’s a ton of information and assistance online but the divorce process is never easy. Co-parents receive an order and a schedule, and they can simply follow it.

    If there’s a late or missed payment, they can manage it between themselves with ease, correct? Unfortunately, we’ve described an ideal scenario.

    Some parents pay weekly or bi-weekly and it’s easy to forget to make a payment or even believe a payment was made when it wasn’t. Add to this that divorced parents, especially the recently divorced, suffer from low trust relationships, making transactions between them, that might otherwise be easy, terribly hard to complete.

    DComply is a service that allows co-parents:

    • a record of payments and transactions
    • ability to export data and important information
    • court approved functionality within your account
    • ease of communication
    • peace of mind
  • DComply Is Better Than 3rd Party Payment Services.

    3rd party payment services have tons of downsides. Here are a few negatives to using 3rd party payment services:

    • hefty fees (typically 3% per payment)
    • limited service
    • not meant for these types of transactions
    • unorganized record keeping

    Managing add-ons or shared parenting expenses could be even more challenging for parents to navigate than child support

  • We Handle Paying And Receiving Child Support Differently!

    Here are a few of the benefits of using DComply to receive or pay child support:

    • DComply is a 100% mobile app solution.
    • Through DComply, a parent will pay the other co parent via ACH (bank to bank transfer).
    • Payments are automatically tracked in the app and within your DComply account.
    • When you modify your child support, you can make this adjustment on your own easily within the app.
    • Bills are automatically sent out to the paying parent. Everything is automatic.
    • DComply never charges transaction fees. By using our services, co-parents can make an unlimited number of transactions together for $5.99/month.
    • Your DComply account is a platform for other shared parenting expenses.
  • Easily Record And Export Transactions!

    We are considered one of the best apps for divorced parents for good reason!

    With our app and services, you can easily:

    • track child expenses
    • record transactions
    • manage disputes
    • pay bills
    • and do so many other things too!

    In addition, you can keep track of payments, export transactions and more. Give DComply a try today!

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Co-parenting just got easier.

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