The Easiest Way to Pay Child Support Online

Pay child support online easily and seamlessly. Welcome to the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to pay and receive your child support payments online. In fact, DComply is often considered a Venmo replacement. With our app, you can make payments, track expenses and so much more! The opportunities are endless and you can minimize the stress of co-parenting and divorce.

#1 Child Support Payment App For Android And Iphone

DComply is the #1 child support payment app for android and iphone.  YOu can easily set up your child support payments through our simple, secure system.  Let’s get into the basics of how users may go about paying and receiving child support payments.

Pay & Receive Child Support Online

If you are interested in paying and receiving child support payments online, it’s super easy with DComply.  Here is a breakdown of what to expect when you use our app to manage child support payments.

How To Easily Set Up Payments

You and your co-parent can easily and seamlessly set up child support to both make and receive payments online in the app.  The steps to do so are simple.  DComply allows you to efficiently make payments as well as manage all record keeping to avoid problems down the road!

STEP 1: Download The App

You can easily download the app by selecting one of the two options below!  If you have an Iphone, Download the DComply app in the App Store.  If you have an android device, get it on Google Play!
pay child support online
pay child support online

STEP 2: Request Child Support Payments Or Arrears

The next step to making and/or receiving child support payments online is to literally open the app and click the icon that says “child support”.  You will easily find this icon in the first row on the right hand side of your screen.

From here, you will be prompted to indicate whether you pay or receive child support. In addition, you will come to a page that says “manage child support”.  You can choose between the following:

  1. Request Child Support Payments
  2. Request Arrears
  3. View Support Payments
  4. Get DComply Help
Simply click on the appropriate option.  You will be prompted to enter an amount to request in either child support payments or arrears.  At that point, you will send your request to your co-parent and easily complete the transaction.

STEP 3: Export Child Support History

From here, you can easily also select “view support payments” and efficient export child support history.  It’s really as simple as that!

STEP 4: Request Help If You Need Support

We here at DComply are always here for you.  If you have any issues at all, you can Get DComply Help.  You can simply send us an email or click the option “Get DComply Help” illustrated in the screenshot.  We can’t wait to hear from you and make your life easier with our app!

Making Child Support Payments In DComply

Making child support payments using the DComply app for Iphone or Android is easy and doesn’t cost a thing!  You’ll love the seamless record keeping and it’s ease of use.  DComply is often known as a Venmo replacement that makes your co-parenting a stress free experience.  Begin by simply downloading the app and easily setting up payments.

Get started today and gain access to all of DComply’s wonderful features.  From getting paid and paying your co parent to record keeping, disputing charges and more you’ll love how easily DComply fits into your busy and hectic schedule.

Additional Info Regarding Paying Child Support Digitally

Child support is hard. It often feels arbitrary and there are payers that describe it as a financial anchor, and on the other hand, there are receivers that find the support levels inadequate. State guidelines are well intended, but no formula can possibly solve for determining the varying needs of millions of children who are the benefactors of child support. It is understandable why both sides can argue that a support order isn’t fair.

DComply completely resolves all issues and miscommunications through the ease of use of our app.  We’re here to make your life easier and can’t wait to help!

Tracking child support payments sounds easy enough though, right? Co-parents receive an order and a schedule, and they can simply follow it. If there’s a late or missed payment, they can manage it between themselves with ease, correct? Unfortunately, we’ve described an ideal scenario. Some parents pay weekly or bi-weekly and its easy to forget a payment or even believe a payment was made when it wasn’t. Add to this that divorced parents, especially the recently divorced, suffer from low trust relationships, making transactions between them, that might otherwise be easy, terribly hard to complete.

Let’s talk about your options for paying child support. Many parents choose to collect support via wage garnishment and there are advantages to this such as minimal communication between parents to enforce. The downside is that when you’re working with a state agency and you have questions, such as “how do I modify payments to reflect a new court order or change of circumstances?” You will need to be patient and work through the agency to fix, which can be excruciatingly frustrating. There are also 3rd party payment services, but they also have downsides. The first is the hefty fees (typically 3% per payment) and the second, the service offered is limited to child support. Managing add-ons or shared parenting expenses (see shared expense page) could be even more challenging for parents to navigate than child support.

Here are a few of the benefits of using DComply for paying and receiving child support online.

  1. DComply is 100% mobile app solution. This means checking balances, reports, and sending/receiving payments is always at your fingertips 24/7/365.
  2. Through DComply parents pay each other via ACH (bank to bank transfer) and the payments are automatically tracked in the app. No check cashing and each payment is tied to a bill for simple payment tracking. You’ll never fight about who paid what and when.
  3. When you modify your child support (and you will do this as your situation and child’s needs change) you can make this adjustment yourself easily within the app.
  4. Child Support has an auto-pay feature that allows the payer to “set it and forget it” and pay child support automatically. Check out our “How to Pay Child Support” video to learn more.
  5. The app automatically bills the paying parent. Co-parents will not need to email each other bills or payment reminders. The app does this automatically.
  6. DComply never charges transaction fees and is also a platform for other shared parenting expenses not covered by child support. By using DComply, co-parents can make an unlimited number of transactions together for $5.99/month.

We are considered one of the best apps for divorced parents for good reason! There’s so much you can do with DComply, you will truly be amazed. With our app, you can easily track child expenses and do so many other things too.

Keep track of payments by scanning and recording receipts, exporting transactions and more.  Give DComply a try today!

Manage Child Support Payments Effortlessly!

We know you’re going to love our app and find it to be the best solution to tracking your child support payments. Get started today and pay child support online!