Easily Track Co-Parenting Expenses

Do you need to track co-parenting expenses? You’re in the right place! Dcomply is there to help you and your co-parent exchange money with just a touch of your phone. Ready to see how the features of dcomply work? Great! Let’s take a look:

Simple App With Multiple Features

There’s so much you can do with the DComply app! Our simple app is easy to use and has multiple features that mack tracking co-parenting expenses easy and stress free. Say goodbye to your child expense spreadsheet and say hello to DComply!

Co-Parenting App

App Features & Tracking Expenses

There are many features which allow users to track co-parenting expenses. Here’s a list of a few of the apps features for doing so:

  • Scan Receipts
  • View Balance Summary
  • Export Transactions
  • Send And Pay Bills
  • Pay Child Support
  • Manage Disputes

Start Tracking And Recording Co-Parenting Expenses The Right Way!

Download the app today and start using it for free! We know you’ll love how easy it makes co-parenting.

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More About Features And Tracking Expenses In DComply

  • Scan a receipt

    This feature allows you to snap and upload a photo of a receipt. You then jot down the type of expense this is, as well as the amount. You can either create a quick bill or save the receipt for later.

  • Balance summary

    This feature allows you to see what money you owe, what money is owed, as well as the balance amount. Any bills you have will show up below this chart. Any bills owed by your co-parent will shop below that. Something great about this feature is that you can export the balance summary, or even view past bills.

  • Export Transactions

    In this feature, you can adjust the “from” and “to” dates for the range that you need. Your options for what can be on your export transactions list can be to export disputed payments, export all incomplete requests (handy for when your co-parent is not sure of what he or she owes), export all paid transactions (same idea, but for which things have been paid), and to export child support payments. You can choose whether or not to include receipts with your inquiry. When you hit the “Export Transactions” button, it will be sent to a queue and then to your email.

  • Send recurring bills

    In this feature, you can set up a recurring bill. It will ask you to describe the expense and how much money to pay each period. You can adjust the percentage the other parent owes (something you both have agreed upon previously). This feature also allows you to attach photos of any receipts, invoices, or other documentation.

    This feature has another step to it with additional details for you to fill out, like selecting the category for this payment, which child, how often it is expected to be paid, as well as a start date and end date.

    Please note that your bill will expire if the other parent doesn’t accept it by the start date. It is best to select a day after the current day, to give your co-parent time to accept.

  • Send a multi item bill

    It’s no wonder we’re known as one of the best apps for divorced parents!

    This feature will allow you to create and send a multi-item bill for something such as school supplies. You can attach the receipt, describe the expense, and give the total amount on the receipt. The app will remember which percentage you and your co-parent will each pay before it allows you to select the category, child, date of expense, and notes or comments.

  • View disputes

    When you go view disputes, this shows you any active disputes between you and your co-parent, as well as any documented disputes. You can also export the disputes, should you need to have it in writing.

  • Send a quick bill

    Sending a quick bill is really just that- setting up a bill quickly to send to your co-parent. You can include a photo of the receipt, as well as the name of the expense, plus the total cost on the receipt. The next page will allow you to add a few more details before sending it on its way.

  • Pay bills

    In this feature, you can easily and quickly pay single bills as well as recurring bills.

  • Child Support

    In here, you will select whether you are the giver are the recipient of child support. You will need to already know if you are owed “arrears,” if you have selected that you are recipient of child support. This means that it has not been paid to you, yet. You can request new payments, arrears, and view support payments.

Track Your Expenses Effortlessly!

Dcomply is here to make parenting a little easier for you! With its easy-to-use features, it can help you quickly make or receive a payment just by using your phone. In addition, you can learn more about child expense tracking here.

Keeping impeccable records of all money and transactions that you use for your children does not need to be a tedious task. With the ease of use of our app, you’re well on our way to seamless record keeping even if your not the most organized co-parent! Easily manage and track co-parenting expenses by using DComply today!

Co-parenting just got easier.

Co-Parenting App