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#1 App For Divorced Parents And Co-Parenting Expenses
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#1 App For Divorced Parents And Co-Parenting Expenses

DComply is a user-friendly co-parent app for divorced parents. With DComply you can manage co parenting easily and efficiently. If you're looking for a tool to help manage your shared expenses, you need to try DComply!

DComply App Features

Send Quick Bill

Send Quick Bill

Just went to the doctor's office and paid a co-pay? Take a picture, log the expense, press send and the bill is on the way to your co-parent in seconds. When the other parent pays the bill the reimbursement will go straight into your bank account.

Pay Bill

Pay Bill

You received an email reminder to pay for soccer camp and need to write the check and log the expense so you have proof of payment. With DComply, you can pay it directly in seconds, with full documentation.

Pay child Support

Pay child Support

Always know where you stand on child support, whether you pay it or receive. You can even turn child support on autopay; never be late again or write another check. All transactions between are logged and you’ll always know your balance.

Scan Receipts

Scan Receipts

No one likes saving receipts. With DComply you can take a picture of your receipt and import them into the app and save them for whenever you’re ready to send the bill.

Send Recurring Bill

Send Recurring Bill

Do your kids have lessons you pay for weekly or monthly? DComply lets you set up recurring bills that automatically happen each week or month.

Send Multi-item Bill

Send Multi-item Bill

Want to send one bill with multiple expenses? No problem. Use the multi-item bill button to add expenses to a single bill, and send it on its way.

Balance Summary

Balance Summary

Quickly see what you owe and are owed. See all outstanding bills and send a reminder with the press of a button. You can also go to this tab to see the log of all completed transactions between you and your co-parent.

Export Transactions

Export Transactions

Quickly and easily create a PDF report that outlines your financial history with your other parent. You can see child support payments, all completed transactions, outstanding bills and items that are in dispute.

Manage Disputes

Manage Disputes

You won't always agree with the other parent on money matters. To help, DComply offers a dispute process. Active disputes are ongoing until the dispute is documented, meaning that you've agreed to disagree. DComply keeps a log of all active and documented disputes automatically for you.

Our Co-Parenting App Minimizes Divorce Conflict Over Money

DComply is the #1 co-parenting app on the market today. Every divorced parent deals with child support and shared expenses. The DComply App makes online payments between parents incredibly easy, fast, and secure!

Finally, an app developed for all divorced co-parents. Let’s face it, saving receipts, tracking your shared parenting expenses in a spreadsheet, then reviewing Venmo or your bank history to tie payments to expenses is an absolute nightmare. Then to add to that pain, there is also the back and forth exchanges on email and text over these expenses.

How Our User-Friendly App Works:

Co-Parenting Just Got Easier.
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DComply FAQs

The DComply App Is Free To Use And Enjoy!

The DComply app is free to use and enjoy for all of your coparenting needs. While the free version of the app is slightly limited, you can enjoy many of its features at no cost to you.

#1 Recommended By Parents And Practitioners

There Are 3 Versions Of The DComply App

There are 3 versions of the DComply co parent app. Below we will go over all three so that you have a complete understanding of what the app has to offer.

The Free Version

The first version is the trial version or free version. With this version, you can send up to seven transactions for free without ever having to input your credit card information. We have found that users of the app are usually convinced of the value of our app by the seventh transaction and have no problem upgrading to the premium or basic plans which we will take a look at next.

Beginning with the free trial is an excellent way to explore the app’s features with no risk of ever having to make a payment.

DComply Basic

The next DComply plan is DComply Basic. With DComply Basic you can easily track and record expenses for the low price of $2.99 per month once your free trial has completed. DComply basic is ideal for easy expense tracking whether you are using the app with a co parent or on your own.

DComply Premium

DComply premium is a complete payment system that allows coparents to send and receive payments, bills and expenses safely through the app. With this level of membership you do not need to worry about having to manually track your expenses. The app does it all for you and for the lost cost of $5.99 per month.

Choose A Membership Level That Fits Your Lifestyle

You can always change your membership level with DComply. Choose a version of the app that meets your lifestyle and families needs.

Learn more about membership levels on this page here.

Using DComply will make your life as a co parent so much easier. Below, we will discuss some of the benefits or using our easy-to-use app!

By using DComply you will eliminate:

  • Having to use expense tracking spreadsheets and avoid the who’s spreadsheet is correct discussion many divorced families experience.
  • Texting/Emailing your co-parent about money. The app bills your co-parent for support and shared expenses then automatically sends reminders for unpaid bills.
  • Emailing receipts to your co-parents since most of payment apps you use won’t let you upload a receipt.
  • Tracking disagreements via email and text. Even the best co-parents see “necessary expenses” differently. Unfortunately, many parents become so discouraged by these disputes that they give up and simply pay for shared expenses alone to avoid confrontation.
  • Having to audit all your emails, texts, receipts received, and bank statements to prove that you complied with your divorce agreement. Too many parents find themselves back in family court over money matters, we would like to fix this.
  • Dealing with your local state agencies over paying child support can be a hassle. With DComply, you’ll have the tools you need to track and even automatically pay child support on your mobile.

Whether you and your co-parent have a great relationship or not doesn’t really matter. DComply does it’s job either way.

The bottom line is that our friendly application will make your duties as a coparent so much easier to manage. We can’t wait for you to download it and simply give it a try.

Maybe you’re one of many parents who’s trying to keep the peace for the children. DComply will make things simpler for your kids as well. Allow us to simplify the process of billing, paying, and tracking shared expenses.

Our friendly coparenting system is truly the best co parent app for shared parenting and shouldn’t be missed! Try DComply today!

Features Of The App

The DComply app offers many convenient features. Read more about all of the capabilities of using DComply to manage your shared expenses below.

You can send bills, pay bills, pay child support, file disputes, and more. We know you’ll absolutely love everything DComply has to offer!

In addition, DComply is available across a multitude of devices. Whether you need DComply for iPhone or Android, we are happy to tell you that we’ve got you covered.

You can conveniently navigate to the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android) and download DComply today for free. In addition and if you have any questions, our support staff is always here to walk you through the process.

Easily Make And Receive Payments Through The App

With DComply, you can easily make and receive payments to and from your coparent in a way that is also supported by and accepted within the court system. If your concerned about record keeping for payments made, DComply is a great solution to your problems. Families love our app for this reason.

With our user-friendly application, you can also track your expenses and transactions in a way that is much more efficient than simply using an excel spreadsheet. Learn more by trying DComply and seeing how great it is to use.

The DComply team knows that child support payments and co-parenting responsibilities are not forever. If you are responsible for a child and they enter into adulthood, you will most likely no longer have use for the app.

The DComply staff is very much aware of this and understands your dilemma. In the event that you no longer need the app or want to terminate membership early, it is not a problem and you can easily do so. Our friendly staff is always here to support and guide you with anything you need.

Parents use DComply for many different reasons. Many people think that the app is only good to pay bills and child support online. However, this is simply not the case. DComply was carefully designed to record and track expenses and manage your financial needs securely and individually. In this way, you can choose to use DComply Basic for expense tracking and record keeping with no obligation to send bills through the app.