Manage Disputes With DComply

You can easily manage disputes and expenses with DComply. The DComply application has not only helped bring co-parenting into the 21st century but has allowed for a less stressful experience. Parents of the same child who are separated or divorced have found in the app a way to organize and manage expenses, payments, send bills and disputes in more efficient ways than in the past.

Bill Payments And Disputes

When a couple has children together, separates or divorces, the responsibilities for sharing payments for that child does not stop. Fees to play sports, car payments for a teenager, the cost of prom, and other activities are usually not covered under child support payments.

Normally, agreements are made for items such as these, with both parents agreeing to pay a specific portion of the payments. DComply allows these agreements for payments to be uploaded into the application to allow both parents access to make payments.

Disputes can be made through the DComply app for any bill payments both in full or partial, when one of the parents does not agree with any attributes of the bill payment listed.

How Technology Has Changed Co-Parenting Disputes

In the past, disputes between exes over money and shared bill payments for their child could be hard to settle. Lack of evidence and documentation of these disputes caused issues when trying to settle with a third party arbitrator or court. The benefits of using DComply for disputes are listed below.

  • All payment disputes can be documented within the application.
  • Each parent is given an opportunity to include comments on why or why not their dispute is correct.
Co-Parenting App
  • All of the disputes documented in the DComply application can be exported and used during third party negotiations.
  • Parents who are using the app do not have to communicate directly, which reduces arguing and stress.
  • Disputes for payments can be partially disputed which can lead to negotiation and settlement between the parents without seeing a third party.

As you can see, DComply makes the process of managing disputes easy to navigate. That is why we are known as the #1 child support payment app. Now let’s take a look at exactly how it’s done!

Using DComply For Disputes

Using the DComply application for disputes with your ex is simple. Let’s walk through the steps for disputing in the app.

Step 1: You will, of course, have to have the DComply app downloaded front he App Store or Google play, and have bill payments available to pay or dispute. You can download the app by clicking on the appropriate button below.

DComply app storeDComply Google Play

Step 2: Once the DComply app is open, press the “Balance Summary” button to open all pending bill payments labeled “Bills You Owe”.

Step 3: Review each bill payment until either you agree or find a reason that you do not agree with one or multiple payment attributes.

Step 4: If you do not agree with the bill payment at this time press the “Dispute All or Part” button for this particular bill.

Step 5: At this point, you will have the option to dispute the amount partially by typing in you are willing to pay or $0 for a dispute of the entire amount of the bill. Also on this screen is a comment section for a reason for the dispute. Use this section to write why you disagree with the bill. Lastly, there is a camera function to take pictures of any documents or receipts you wish to add to your dispute.

Step 6: Your dispute response will be sent to the other parent at this time where they will need to respond to continue the process. The bill will be moved to the “View Disputes” section and can be accessed through that icon on the main screen.

Step 7: At this time, the other parent involved can either choose to accept your dispute or to disagree, at which time they will be able to send a message in return as to why they think the bill payment is legitimate.

Step 8: If the former spouse responds that you need to make the payment, your next step is to either resolve the dispute and pay the amount or to press the “Document the Dispute” button. Once the document the dispute has been chosen, the dispute itself will move out of the category of active disputes and into a documented file where it can be stored with other disputes.

If a third party is involved with actions later, such as arbitrators or the courts, these disputes can be used by either party as evidence.

Manage Disputes And Bills Easily With DComply

As you can see, the DComply app is easy to use and makes co-parenting so much easier. If you have additional questions, you can contact us at any time.

Start today for free by downloading the app. We know how much you’ll love the efficiency it offers to manage disputes and bills.

Co-parenting just got easier.

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