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Tips For Newly Divorced Parents

Tips Every Divorced Parent Needs To Know These tips for newly divorced parents will help you through the tumultuous process of getting a divorce and moving on.  As you know, going through a divorce is one of the most challenging things you can go through.  The truth is that some divorces are tougher than others […]

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15 Important Things To Do If You’re A Single Mom

If you are wondering about 15 things every single mom should do, this post will tell you everything! Keep reading if you would like to know some awesome suggestions to help you in your single parenting journey. This is a new chapter of life for you. While not easy and without some bumps, you will […]

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Divorce, Trust, Money and COVID-19

Divorce and trust aren’t two words that are typically paired together. This is no surprise, as couples in divorce spend tons of time and money in a zero-sum fight to determine when they see their children, how to divide their assets, and manage shared expenses going forward.  It’s not a process that brings out the […]

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How DComply Solves Co-Parenting Problems

How To Solve The Problem With Co-Parenting Expense Sharing If you’re reading this, and are already divorced, you are aware of this gigantic headache. But read on, hopefully you’ll find affirmation in knowing how universal this problem is and will truly appreciate the simplicity of our solution. There’s More Than Just Child Support Let’s begin […]

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Before Filing A Petition Over Money Consider This

Read This Next Time You Want To File A Petition Over Money Add-on expenses are a soft spot for many divorced parents. When I hear from parents, many of them are frustrated over, late reimbursements, expenses that are not in the agreement, or just complete neglect of add-on expenses. There are thousands of parents upset […]

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Co-Parenting, Money and Learned Helplessness

What You Need To Know When It Comes To Co-Parenting In college I majored in psychology and that was the first time I heard about “learned helplessness.” It’s essentially the notion that nothing can possibly help and therefore why bother trying. The classic and brutal example we learned from was an experiment a mouse. The […]

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DComply Is What You Need!

How About No More Texts, Emails, or Spreadsheets About Shared Expenses? Imagine that whenever you pay for a copay, camp, or lesson, that your co-parent’s phone buzzes and within moments you receive a reimbursement notification. Now, what if every time a payment is made, the balance between you and your co-parent is automatically updated. Goodbye […]