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How To Solve Co-Parenting Problems

How To Solve Co-Parenting Problems If you’re reading this, and are already divorced, you are aware of this gigantic headache. But read on, hopefully you’ll find affirmation in knowing how universal this problem is and will truly appreciate the simplicity of our solution. There’s More Than Just Child Support Let’s begin by examining parenting expense […]

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Before Filing A Petition Over Money Consider This

What To Consider Before Filing A Petition Over Money Read This Next Time You Want To File A Petition Over Money Add-on expenses are a soft spot for many divorced parents. When I hear from parents, many of them are frustrated over, late reimbursements, expenses that are not in the agreement, or just complete neglect […]

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DComply Is What You Need!

No More Texts, Emails, or Spreadsheets About Shared Expenses Imagine that whenever you pay for a copay, camp, or lesson, that your co-parent’s phone buzzes and within moments you receive a reimbursement notification. Now, what if every time a payment is made, the balance between you and your co-parent is automatically updated. Goodbye tracking spreadsheet! […]