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5 Co Parenting Tips To Strengthen Your Parenting Foundation

Babita Spinelli, LP JD Co-parenting can be one of the most difficult elements of divorce. If you are struggling, or need some extra advice, here are 5 co parenting tips from our parenting and relationships coach, Babita Spinelli. Practically co parenting has its set of challenges trying to coordinate a family when two parents are […]

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Helpful Tips For Co-Parenting In 2021

Tips for Co-Parenting in 2021: A Helpful Guide For The New Year Co-parenting has always been difficult, and now more than ever, we need a guide chock full of helpful tips in order to do this whole 2021 year right. 2020 has been a year that has challenged us all in many aspects of our […]

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7 Parenting Mistakes After Your Divorce

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. And everyone will make parenting mistakes at one time or another. Divorce and co parenting can make your job even harder, and put more challenges in your way. But you can be a great parent whether you are married, single, in a relationship, or divorced. […]

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Pick Your Co-Parenting Battles

You Need To Pick Your Co-Parenting Battles Coronavirus has shed light on my co-parenting relationship and various media outlets are reporting similar stories- so I think many of us are feeling the cracks in these relationships getting exposed. One of the clichés that come to my mind after a recent email exchange with my former […]

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How DComply Solves Co-Parenting Problems

How To Solve The Problem With Co-Parenting Expense Sharing If you’re reading this, and are already divorced, you are aware of this gigantic headache. But read on, hopefully you’ll find affirmation in knowing how universal this problem is and will truly appreciate the simplicity of our solution. There’s More Than Just Child Support Let’s begin […]

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Co-Parenting, Money and Learned Helplessness

What You Need To Know When It Comes To Co-Parenting In college I majored in psychology and that was the first time I heard about “learned helplessness.” It’s essentially the notion that nothing can possibly help and therefore why bother trying. The classic and brutal example we learned from was an experiment a mouse. The […]