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How does DComply make co-parenting easier?

January 11, 2022

Using DComply will make your life as a co parent so much easier. Below, we will discuss some of the benefits or using our easy-to-use app!

By using DComply you will eliminate:

  • Having to use expense tracking spreadsheets and avoid the who’s spreadsheet is correct discussion many divorced families experience.
  • Texting/Emailing your co-parent about money. The app bills your co-parent for support and shared expenses then automatically sends reminders for unpaid bills.
  • Emailing receipts to your co-parents since most of payment apps you use won’t let you upload a receipt.
  • Tracking disagreements via email and text. Even the best co-parents see “necessary expenses” differently. Unfortunately, many parents become so discouraged by these disputes that they give up and simply pay for shared expenses alone to avoid confrontation.
  • Having to audit all your emails, texts, receipts received, and bank statements to prove that you complied with your divorce agreement. Too many parents find themselves back in family court over money matters, we would like to fix this.
  • Dealing with your local state agencies over paying child support can be a hassle. With DComply, you’ll have the tools you need to track and even automatically pay child support on your mobile.

Whether you and your co-parent have a great relationship or not doesn’t really matter. DComply does it’s job either way.

The bottom line is that our friendly application will make your duties as a coparent so much easier to manage. We can’t wait for you to download it and simply give it a try.

Maybe you’re one of many parents who’s trying to keep the peace for the children. DComply will make things simpler for your kids as well. Allow us to simplify the process of billing, paying, and tracking shared expenses.

Our friendly coparenting system is truly the best co parent app for shared parenting and shouldn’t be missed! Try DComply today!

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