Is the DComply App free?

The DComply App Is Free To Use And Enjoy! The DComply app is free to use and enjoy for all of your coparenting needs. While the free version of the app is slightly limited, you can enjoy many of its features at no cost to you. #1 Recommended By Parents And Practitioners There Are 3 […]

How does DComply make co-parenting easier?

Using DComply will make your life as a co parent so much easier. Below, we will discuss some of the benefits or using our easy-to-use app! By using DComply you will eliminate: Having to use expense tracking spreadsheets and avoid the who’s spreadsheet is correct discussion many divorced families experience. Texting/Emailing your co-parent about money. […]

What features does the app offer?

Features Of The App The DComply app offers many convenient features. Read more about all of the capabilities of using DComply to manage your shared expenses below. You can send bills, pay bills, pay child support, file disputes, and more. We know you’ll absolutely love everything DComply has to offer! In addition, DComply is available […]

Can I make payments for child support through the app?

Easily Make And Receive Payments Through The App With DComply, you can easily make and receive payments to and from your coparent in a way that is also supported by and accepted within the court system. If your concerned about record keeping for payments made, DComply is a great solution to your problems. Families love […]

What if I want to cancel membership?

The DComply team knows that child support payments and co-parenting responsibilities are not forever. If you are responsible for a child and they enter into adulthood, you will most likely no longer have use for the app. The DComply staff is very much aware of this and understands your dilemma. In the event that you […]

What if I only need to manage and track expenses? Should I consider using DComply?

Parents use DComply for many different reasons. Many people think that the app is only good to pay bills and child support online. However, this is simply not the case. DComply was carefully designed to record and track expenses and manage your financial needs securely and individually. In this way, you can choose to use […]

My co-parent doesn’t want to use DComply.

No problem, DComply was built for use with or without your co-parent. Just go ahead and record your expenses in the bills section.  When your co-parent pays a bill you can open that bill and mark it paid offline so that you can also track when you’re paid. Some parents  record all expenses in the app […]

We pay each other using Venmo/PayPal or Zelle can we still use DComply?

Yes! DComply can be used with or without our “DComply Pay,” which is how we ACH transfer funds between parents. If you are accustomed to using these payments methods and don’t mind tracking receipts and sending bills in DComply then making payment in another app that’s fine. Again, just remember when a bill is paid […]

When my ex pays a bill how quickly will that money be deposited into my bank account?

DComply facilitates ACH transfers and those typically take 3-4 business days from when payment is initiated to deposit into your bank. No action needs to be taken by the recipient of funds, you’ll get an email from DComply that payment is arriving and you’ll see a deposit from DComply. If you have questions about a […]