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How does paying and receiving child support online with DComply work?

DComply connects co-parents together on a mobile app so that they can safely send or receive payments from each other. With DComply parents use ACH bank transfer for payment. Getting child support started with DComply is easy. The receiving parent enters the support amount and frequency of payment into the child support page and the […]

Why should I use DComply for child support?

There are many options for paying/receiving child support. Wage garnishment is how most people pay child support, but working through a state agency to make modifications, get help, or reporting can be challenging. There are other services for online support payments, but they tend to have hefty transfer fees that are usually 3% the payment. […]

Is DComply a state agency to collect child support?

No, DComply is not a state agency. DComply is a mobile app and private company that facilitates payments between co-parents. DComply offers reporting that tracks child support billing versus payments. It can help parents potentially avoid costly litigation over what was paid and when. DComply does not automatically report non-payment to the state. If there’s […]

My child support payments are garnished, but I’d like to use DComply?

If your support is garnished, keep making your payments through it. In order to switch to DComply, you and your co-parent need to be in agreement and will likely need to have the change ordered. Do not make payments via wage garnishments and also via DComply, wait to be sure that wages are no longer […]

Does DComply track how much I owe in child support?

Yes. DComply automatically bills for child support each month and it tracks how much has been billed verse how much has been paid. What is left is the child support balance which can also be paid at anytime on DComply. As a DComply user you’ll be able to check your child support balance at anytime […]