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How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Divorced Parents Make

You’ve likely heard concerning statistics about children of divorce. They are more likely to: Display behavioral problems in and out of school Make poorer grades Suffer from depression Demonstrate aggressive behaviors Use drugs and alcohol But those statistics don’t have to be the fate of every child of divorce. Divorced parents with well-adjusted kids do […]

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The Emotional Stages of Divorce and Why You Want to Know Them

Whether you started the ball rolling to end your marriage or were blindsided by it, divorce is disruptive, to say the least. While everyone will have unique experiences and emotions during their divorce, everyone will travel through similar stages. We’ll discuss those stages below. Afterward, we’ll tell you why knowing them is so important. Divorce […]

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How Equally Shared Parenting Benefits Child and Parent

The days when courts automatically and solely “awarded” child custody to the mother in divorce cases have disappeared. Court rulings began shifting around the 1970s to include fathers, spurred by a better understanding that children need both parents to thrive. Shared Parenting And so began a decades-long drift from sole custody to shared parenting. In […]

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Two Parenting Styles, One Mission

Your and your co-parent’s mission (“should you choose to accept it”) is to put your differences aside, compartmentalize any ill will, and raise healthy, well-adjusted children together. That’s easier said than done after divorce. If you and your co-parent are like many other divorcees, you often find yourself at odds with one another. However, you […]

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Co-parenting Success Milestones to Celebrate

A healthy co-parenting relationship is a lot like a fitness journey. Consistent healthy choices are critical. Setting and achieving small goals keeps you on track. Results can be slow to show at times. A lot of change happens on the inside where you can’t see it. Every bit of effort you put in compounds to […]

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Do Grandparents Have the Right to See Their Grandchild After Divorce?

Divorce doesn’t just affect the immediate family members. It also alters the lives of extended family, like grandparents. Grandparents, especially those on the father’s side, are less likely to see their grandchildren after divorce. In large part, kids who live exclusively or most of the time with their mothers spend significantly less time with their […]

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Still Venmo-ing Your Co-Parent for Child-Related Expenses? Use This Instead.

If you and a friend wanted to split the tab on a dinner bill, rideshare, or concert tickets, you would likely use a platform like Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle (maybe even Facebook or Google). These digital payment networks allow you and your friend to settle up instantly or at a future date. Want to know […]

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Do I Still Owe Child Support if I Never Married My Baby’s Mother?

In paternity cases, it’s easy to know who the mother is. That’s not always the case for the father. Men might question their obligation to raise a child outside of marriage. What if the child isn’t theirs? What are their roles and responsibilities if they aren’t married to the mother? We have the answers to […]

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Divorce vs. Annulment: The Difference and Why It Matters

Both divorce and annulment are ways to end a marriage. What’s the difference between the two? Is one type favorable over the other when you and your spouse separate? The answer to that question will be easy for most couples–one is usually the obvious pathway. We’ll explain. Divorce In a divorce, you and your spouse […]