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Steps For How To Pay Child Support

November 16, 2020
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Steps For How To Pay Child Support

How To Pay Child Support: Easy, Step-By-Step Guide

If you were wondering about the specific steps for how to pay child support, this post will walk you through everything. In addition, you will learn exactly how to make child support payments (and receive them) conveniently online.

Steps For How To Pay Child Support

Managing Child Support Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated!

Paying child support can often seem like a huge hassle, especially if you’re newly divorced. There are so many questions that you may not have answers to and that may seem overwhelming.

But managing child support doesn’t need to be as complicated as it may seem. In fact, it’s pretty simple! Read on and we’ll walk you through an easy way to manage and track child support payments.

How To Pay Child Support Online

Follow this Quick, User Friendly Guide: How to Pay Child Support Online

You use your phone to order food, call a cab, and now you use it to pay child support online. The joy of technology is that it facilitates our everyday life. For parents, it can be a gift, for co-parents, a godsend.

With so many ways to send money and pay bills over the phone it can induce a bit of anxiety. Are you sending the right amount? Will you send it to the wrong person by accident? Now with new apps, you can find safe ways to pay for child support online and keep your peace of mind in the process.

First, Explore Your Options.

Do your research before committing to a platform in which you exchange money. What kind of transactions do you need to make? Explore forums and reviews to find top rated co-parenting apps that fit your needs.

Here are some things you may want to look for:

  • Make sure you and your co-parent can both use the app. Make sure the app you use is accessible for both Android and iPhone users.
  • You will want an all in one app. If you need more than one app to keep track of all your child support expenses, you are not downloading the right app.
  • Find an app that you can not only keep records on, but actually transfer funds and other expenses.

You get what you pay for. 

Most free programs and apps will only allow you to do the bare minimum, or will charge obnoxious flat rates per transaction. Invest in a quality app that does it all but be wary of apps with over-the-top fees.

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helpful co-parenting tips

Make Your Decision.

Let’s say you have chosen Dcomply, one of the best ranked co-parenting apps based on its utility. Using Dcomply’s simple interface, I will take you through the steps of setting up child support payments online.

Dcomply is a popular choice because with this one app, you can:

Get Your House in Order

Allocate some time to spend with your co-parent to establish this platform. Setting up your account, though simple, will be the most exhaustive part as it requires you to spend the most time with your ex. You will have to work together in order to streamline this initial set up.

  • Collect all your paperwork and make sure you have your divorce agreement or stipulation within an arm’s reach.
  • Have both parties devices ready to transfer over information into this new management area.
  • Maintain funds in your accounts to ensure you make payments on time!

Create Your Account With Your Co-Parent.

You have chosen your app, collected your paperwork and are now ready to create your accounts. Because you are using Dcomply, once you do this, you will sync your accounts together, and your two accounts only. This ensures that, once set up correctly, you will securely only ever send money to your co-parent. To connect your accounts using Dcomply, you will:

  • Drop down the “Settings” menu on the top left of Dcomply’s home screen.
  • Select “Co-Parent” and enter their full name, followed by their email and phone number.
  • Once you both confirm your information, your apps will be synced.

Link Your Bank Account.

Now that you and your co-parent have linked your accounts you only have one step left before you can set up child support payments online. Time to link your bank account to the app. You can watch the video below as it will walk you through the process.

For Dcomply:

  • Return to the “Settings” drop down menu and click the “Bank” tab.

You will be asked personal questions to confirm your identification (Dcomply takes your security into great consideration).

  • Then, verify your banking method. To do this you will either verify instantly, with Plaid, or manually, with your banks’ routing and account numbers.

Plaid is the same secure software used by Venmo and CitiBank. If you verify this way, you just choose your financial institutions and then enter your credentials through their portal.

If you enter manually, you will be required to enter your banks’ routing and account number.

Set up Child Support Payments

You and your co-parent now have linked Dcomply accounts and have established banking institutions which you will use to make and receive payments. Now, you can now set up child support payments online from the app’s home page.

You can take a look at the video below which will walk you through setting up child support payments. In addition, you can follow our written out instructions.

From the home page, select the “Child Support” portal

The child support recipient is required to initiate a payment schedule. From the “Child Support” portal, you will be able to request Child Support, Arrears, and view support payments. Click on “Request Child Support Payments”

On the child support payment request page, you will enter the information from your divorce agreement or stipulation (good thing you have all your paperwork organized in front of you!). 

This will include:

  • Payment amount
  • Frequency of payments
  • Date of first payment
  • An optional text box for an additional memo or note.

Learn more in these tips for co-parents on how to pay child support.

Enjoy The Ease of Dcomply

You’re done! Quickly and painlessly, you have worked together with your ex to sync Dcomply accounts and from now on make child support payments online. You can coast, now that you have Dcomply to take the hassle out of child support payments and expense requests. Here is what to keep an eye on:

Maintain funds in the bank account you linked to Dcomply. This ensures you can make payments, with ease, as soon as they are requested.

Keep records and reminders of all expenses on Dcomply. With Dcomply you will effortlessly be able to see your history of child support payments, expenses and bills.

You can download the app in the App Store and Google Play at the links below:

Download DCompy In The App Store here.

Download DComply In Google Play here.

Co-Parenting Just Got Easier.

Dcomply remains to be one of the most preferred co-parenting apps due to its simple, yet utterly efficient, setup. Dcomply is one app that hits a variety of requirements listed by many co-parents. It is secure, easy, and leaves you with a sense of financial proficiency by taking daunting tasks and simplifying them. You no longer need multiple apps to track your co-parenting expenses and bills. You have simplified the way you pay child support online by choosing Dcomply.

We hope this post has been helpful in showing you steps for how to pay child support and wish you all the best.

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