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5 Expert Co Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

November 10, 2020
Co Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

5 Expert Co Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

Co-parenting has always been difficult, and now more than ever. So I have summarized what I have found most helpful this year in an effort to make it easier for us all. Here are my 5 expert co parenting tips for divorced parents in 2021.

Co Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

5 Co Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

1. First things first. Honest Communication is Key!

This past year has been a whirlwind. Together, we are fighting a pandemic, piecing together divided communities, and electing a new president to lead the United States. With all of this going on, it is easy to fall behind at home. To co-parent to your best ability, it is important to communicate honestly with your child, and your child’s other parent.

2. Be transparent.

When taking care of your kids, it is crucial to be transparent with them. Make sure you and your co-parent are on the same page when talking to your kids about these topics.

It is normal to want to avoid sensitive subjects with your children, and while no one is forcing you to be the one to bring them up, it is important to discuss them when they do. Don’t pretend to know everything, it’s okay to be fallible, but it is not okay to be dishonest.

Be authentic, speak your mind and make sure to listen to them. You can promote healthy communication between you and your children by setting an example. They will learn how to communicate from the way you talk to them, and how their parents talk to each other. It is crucial to be cognizant of that and to keep open communications within the family.

3. Make Your Life Easier!

It’s fair to say that technology complicates life as much as it facilitates it. It is easy to become enthralled in a plethora of platforms to communicate with your co-parent. You post on Instagram, message on Facebook and send snap chats throughout the day. This is the modern day equivalent to tying up your phone line.

With so many platforms to communicate, distractions are inevitable. And when it comes to the nitty-gritty important work that goes into co-parenting, distractions can be detrimental.

Dcomply is a helpful app created to simplify necessary co-parenting tasks. Managing bills, paying child support, and tracking expenses can be a bit of a drag to bring up, however the app creates a platform that makes keeping an eye on these things a breeze. If you’re interested in giving DComply a shot, download it here in the App Store or here on Google Play.

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Co Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

4. Remember, you are a TEAM.

COVID-19 had demanded a lot of energy. We have had to bring work and school into our homes all while trying to maintain a healthy separation of both. Some of us have been able to return to our old normal, while others have continued to house all of these aspects under one roof. Nonetheless, maintaining relationships is more important than ever. Kids respond extremely well when they see healthy interactions between their parents. Remember, your child is always watching and listening to you. Like many couples in co-parenting relationships, your child is your principle motive for keeping in contact with your co-parent.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your child, it is important to portray positive emotions between parents. If you and your co-parent argue over child centered issues, it is easy for your child to pick up on that and blame themselves. By dealing with your co-parent in a constructive manner and becoming a team, you are committing to a healthy upbringing.

This is yet another reason the DComply co-parenting app is useful. You minimize, if not eliminate, the need to discuss hot topics like child support and expenses in front of your children.

Research the app, try it out, and let others know what you think. Finding a platform that works for you is the first step to organizing these co-parenting tasks and keeping yourselves from putting your child in the middle of them.

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5. Apply and Expand!

Helpful tips to co-parenting will always be found by those dedicated to their continuous improvement. It is our obligation to ourselves to provide help to others as well as yourself.

The easiest way to do this is by talking with others about your struggles and what helps you. This is what I have brought to you today. A little knowledge that I have found and wish to convey.

I want you to be honest with yourselves, your children, and your co-parents. Communicate openly and often to ensure you both work together for your child’s best future. Don’t over complicate the already complicated. Find easier ways to communicate and settle financial engagements. And most importantly, remember that this is for your child.

By honing your communication skills, and systemizing your co-parenting endeavors, you will be able to devote your utmost attention to them.

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