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Divorce Limbo – What Is It & How To Get Through It

July 12, 2021
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I was speaking with a new client yesterday and she has been going through her divorce for more than 4 years now.  FOUR YEARS of her life tied up in the process and no end in sight.

This is extreme but divorce often takes much longer than anyone ever thinks it will and living in that not really married, but not really single state, while dealing with the details, decisions and discussions of the divorce itself is exhausting, draining and disheartening.

What Is Divorce Limbo?

I call this time in your life “Divorce Limbo” and have always told clients that it is one of the worst parts of the divorce process.  That perpetual state of not knowing what the future holds, what your finances will look like and being unable to truly move on is definitely a type of hell on earth.

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How To Get Through Divorce Limbo

  • Know that it will end and continue to stay focused forward.  One of the factors delaying the finalization is often too much focus on the past. 
  • Look at your role in dragging things out (if any) and adjust accordingly.  
  • Weigh every decision keeping the cost of your peace of mind in mind.  Is continuing to argue a point worth the emotional cost?
  • Plan for the future even if you aren’t there yet.  Having a plan forward minimized that feeling of helplessness and inertia.

Where To Get Help

There are a number of episodes of The Divorce & Beyond Podcast that address these and a myriad of other issues that you are facing during divorce.  My experts and I are here to help you through so be sure to check out the podcast and the website for help and guidance.

Divorce limbo will end, and life will be better on the other side!

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