15 Things Every Single Mom Should Do

15 Important Things To Do If You’re A Single Mom

If you are wondering about 15 things every single mom should do, this post will tell you everything! Keep reading if you would like to know some awesome suggestions to help you in your single parenting journey.

This is a new chapter of life for you. While not easy and without some bumps, you will get through this! Here are some things to help you on your new journey!

Tips For Single Moms

Tip #1- Download the DComply Co-Parenting app.

The DComply co-parenting app will keep you sane! This app allows you and your co-parent to keep track of payments submitted/paid with just a tap on your phone. It keeps track of dates of payments that are submitted, as well as when payments are made. Seriously. Get this app!

Tip #2- Create a shared calendar for you and your co-parent.

Shared calendars allow you to add something and have the other person see it. The other person can add, as well. You can keep track of any the kids’ doctors’ appointments, the kids’ time with your co-parent (if applicable), and any school functions/conferences, too.

shared calendar

Tip #3- Budget.

Take care of your family financially. Figure out what you make, add any child support money in there, and find out what your expenses are for each month. In addition, you can easily pay child support online or track child expenses using DComply too.

The leftovers (if there are any), can be saved or turned into something fun. Definitely save money, if you ever get the chance. But, also, don’t forget to take a little bit for something fun once in a while, if possible.

Tip #4- Create a support system for yourself.

Your support system could be family, friends, neighbors (who you know well and trust), and even the teachers at your children’s daycare (they can be a wealth of information for the different ages of your children). Talk to these people and get them to support you. Yes, you may have to ask for help, but guess what? THAT IS OK!!

Tip #5- Join a support group.

You can look on Facebook, or just google one near you. This will provide you with mental support and even a place to ask questions.

If you are newly divorced joining a support group can be hugely beneficial. In addition, you can read this blog post on tips for newly divorced parents. We’re sure that will help too!

Tip #6- Have an emergency plan for everything (and emergency plans for your emergency plans, too).

What if your car breaks down on your way to get your kids? What if your kids get sick at school? What if your washer finally breaks beyond repair? While it is not fun to think of these types of things, it is a good idea to let them cross your mind long enough to make a plan for each of the scenarios (as well as anymore you can think of), along with a second back-up plan, just in case.

Tip #7- Create a schedule for you and your kids.

Creating a schedule for you and your kids will help set you up for success. At first, you may have to work on hard on the schedule to keep it going. After a while, though, it will become second nature. It will be predictable and consistent, which children THRIVE on- and quite honestly, you will benefit from this, too.

TIP #8- Pick your battles.

There are going to be times when you need to be firm and stand your ground. There are going to be other times, though, when you need to just let it go. This is OK! Life is not going to be perfect, and that is also ok. So pick your co-parenting battles wisely and do the best that you can!

TIP #9- Be firm but fair.

Remember that you are raising tiny humans, whom you want to grow into good adult humans. They are watching how you respond to situations. If you are strong, they will learn to be strong. If you show emotion from time to time and get back up again, they will learn that it is ok to show emotion, as long as you get back up again.

TIP #10- Listen.

Your kids are going through changes, too. They need someone to be there for them. That someone is YOU. Ask them how they are doing. If they are feeling down, be the shoulder they can lean on. Likewise, if something exciting is happening for them (maybe at school), listen to their stories. If you listen now, they may even continue to come to you as they get older- which is a wonderful thing, as a mom.  

TIP #11- Keep extra supplies and backups on hand.

You will be so thankful that you did this, when your child has an overnight growth spurt and there is absolutely no time to go out to the store to get new clothes. Or- when you’re getting low on food and you remember that you have more in the other cabinet. 

TIP #12- Embrace online shopping.

This is a great way to stock up on extra supplies, back-ups, and just everyday necessities. You order at your convenience, and it gets shipped right to you. Many single moms use online shopping on sites like Amazon to cut down on time spent in the store. No getting everyone ready at the verge of bedtime to run to the store! It’s a win!

TIP #13- Get out of bed in the morning.

You are likely to have hard days from time to time. You are human, and you have every right to feel anything and everything you feel. One thing to remember, though, is to get yourself out of bed in the morning. Your children need that solid person to take care of them, love on them, and just be there for them.

TIP #14- Take life one day at a time.

It may take a while to get yourself into a new routine, but you will get there. Remember: you got this!

TIP #15- Carve out time for yourself once a week.

If you’re not sure, take some time to find out what you like to do. Embrace this small amount of time to do something that makes you happy!


This is not an easy time in your life. You are going to learn a whole new routine. Just remember- you will get through this. Download DComply Co-Parenting app right away. You can download it in the App Store and Google Play.

Also, follow these 15 things every single mom should do, and you will start feeling empowered. You can do this!

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