The Divorce Coach for Men

Hayley Lisa

Hayley Lisa Biography

Hayley better known as “the divorce coach for men,” is a leading expert in divorce coaching and an advocate for men going through a divorce. For over 10 yrs, Hayley has been working with men as they navigate the chaos of divorce and co-parenting, as she believes men are underrepresented in divorce, with very few resources made available to them. “Often, I am the only support system my clients have; they need guidance, support, and an advocate by their side and that’s where I come in.”

“Society has painted a picture of all men being the aggressor or villain in divorce, which is so far from the truth!”  My clients are very good fathers, doing their best to cope with the pain and agony of divorce and the challenges of co-parenting.”  Hayley’s view is “the family courts are not a good place for men to be, they are often a scapegoat.” She works diligently through her volunteer work, to make changes in the family court systems.

Having been divorced herself, she knows firsthand, the numerous challenges divorce and co-parenting bring.  Hayley graduated from Stockton University, majoring in Psychology and Counseling, and is certified in divorce coaching. With her knowledge, experience, and unbiased female perspective, she has proven to be a true asset to her clients. Hayley is often a speaker on topics such as the epidemic of parental alienation and the biased family court systems.

In 2014 and 2015, Hayley was honored by being nominated for the Woman of Influence Award for the impact both her business and volunteer work had made within the community. Hayley works with men throughout the United States and Canada; to schedule a free consultation contact or telephone 561-339-3711