Who Is Babita Spinelli?

Babita Spinelli

Babita Spinelli Biography

Babita Spinelli, LP, JD is a nationally recognized Psychotherapist, Certified Divorce Coach Parent Coordinator and Mental Health Consultant. She founded Opening The Doors Psychotherapy and the Babita Spinelli Group where she helps individuals and families navigate significant life transitions and relationship issues such as divorce and co-parenting/parenting.

Her specialties includes healing, post-divorce growth and rebuilding life after divorce. Her internationally recognized divorce support, recovery and transformation program is offered globally. Babita also provides consultations on co-parenting, parenting plans and high conflict divorce issues such as infidelity and divorcing a narcissist.

She is known as the “Relationship Expert” and has been featured in over fifty media channels including Forbes, mindbodygreen, Medium, Authority Magazine, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Oprah, Single Parent Mommy, Celebrity Parent, Men’s Health, Thrive Global. As an acclaimed relationship expert, Babita is regularly featured on television, radio and podcasts.  She received the New York Psychotherapist Award and was named New Jersey’s top 10 leading women entrepreneurs.

Babita’s online course “Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce,” is launching in Spring 2021 where she provides the guidance and tools that have helped hundreds of clients to navigate the uncharted territory of divorce and to emerge empowered and ready to rebuild!

To work with Babita or sign up for her course contact info@babitaspinelligroup.com or call 1-347-884-7316.

Babita’s Divorce Services

  • Individual Divorce Therapy and Recovery
  • Individual Divorce Coaching
  • Parent Coordination
  • Parenting Plan Consulting and Drafting
  • Collaborative Divorce Coaching
  • Divorce Support Groups
  • Co-parenting Counseling and Coaching