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Why You Need Financial Help During Divorce

June 08, 2021
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With divorce likely being the single biggest event of your financial life, you need a team on your side who can effectively navigate you through every legal, financial, and tax landmine. To help you understand and take the important steps needed to protect your financial future and personal assets you should consider getting financial help during divorce.

Why You Need To Hire A CDFA®

A CDFA is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®. They are specially trained to deal with finanical issues during divorces. So working with a CDFA during your divorce is like being the most powerful piece on the chess board–the Queen, but all too often couples underestimate the real value of their assets. If you or your spouse own a business, a house, have been investing in retirement and investment accounts, and so much more, hiring a CDFA is really in your best interest! We not only help you understand how to divide those assets fairly, but make sure that each receives exactly what they are entitled to.

What Can Financial Help Do For You?

With a CDFA at your side, you get more with our help than without. Not only are we a sounding board for your financial decisions, but furthermore, we can help you:

  • Determine the proper amount and duration of spousal support
  • Build a financial shield
  • Create a cost-benefit analysis
  • Protect your financial position to the highest degree possible

How Does A CDFA® Benefit You?

Putting it simply, a CDFA is a financial professional who can help you not only navigate the financial aspects of divorce, but thrive after the process.

While your attorney may be well versed in legal aspects and have a certain degree of financial knowledge when it comes to divorce, a CDFA is specifically trained to deal with the financial impacts and long-term implications that a divorce can create. A CDFA can also help you determine the cost of living as it relates to inflation and make darn sure that your assets are divided fair

We have seen too many women, who were owed so much more, get shortchanged when their divorce was finalized because they didn’t have the proper guidance. In addition to providing an overview of financial strategies and analysis, your CDFA will evaluate more specific issues such as exploring options for property division, negotiating alimony and maintenance, asking the right questions (to get the right answers) and holistically analyzing all the financial pieces.

With a CDFA at your side, you can feel confident knowing that you are getting the very best financial start possible post-divorce because you understand what you are entitled to and how to make sure you are getting it.

Financial Knowledge = Financial Confidence

No matter your marital status or financial situation, the adage “knowledge is power” rings true, especially when it comes to your finances. 

A solid understanding of your entire financial picture can give you the confidence you need to make strong financial decisions post-divorce and throughout the rest of your life. Finding a trusted CDFA, working with them to develop a financial strategy, and making a plan to learn more about finances are great first steps to thriving in your post-divorce life! 

While 57% of women say that divorce was a wake-up call for them from a financial standpoint, with a CDFA on your side, you can feel confident knowing that things can and WILL get better.

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Rhonda Noordyk

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Understanding that divorce can be a complicated and painful journey, Rhonda Noordyk left the financial industry in 2014 to pursue her passion of helping women achieve financial justice in their divorce. She offers a different kind of divorce experience; one that leads to empowering financial moments and living a happy and fulfilled life, post-divorce.