How a Co-parenting App Helps You Manage Money

Consult the Divorce Decree

When you, your co-parent, and your respective legal teams make the document as specific as possible, money matters concerning things like education, health care, and extracurricular activities are more straightforward and less confusing.

Consult the Divorce Decree (Part 2)

If your divorce agreement has already been settled and you find that it’s not functional, you and your legal team can fix it.  Also, if your co-parent is too inconsistent with following it, you can have specific agreements court-ordered to, hopefully, improve adherence.

Prioritize Financial Communications

Make a habit of communicating at least monthly about financial responsibilities and keep it child-focused. 

Prioritize Financial Communications (Part 2)

If in doubt, refer to your divorce decree.  Seek the help of professional divorce coaches or mediators to help you and your co-parent come up with fair solutions if you get stumped on an issue.

Get a Co-parenting Expense Tracker App

There are three important benefits to using a co-parenting app in managing finances: • Less tension, less pushback when it's time to pay • Legal documentation • Consolidated and easy-to-find info

Bonus Practical Tips

Using a co-parenting app will be a game changer in financial communication with your ex-spouse.  The following are extra tips to help you gain financial stability as a single parent. For added details on each, refer to the linked article.

Bonus Practical Tips (Part 2)

• Get Tax Help • Manage Your Money • Keep Your Insurance • Spend Less Time Online

Taking Financial Charge of Your Future

Financial management is vital for your and your children’s futures.  A co-parenting application will help you remain open and transparent with your spending, which can improve your financial standing.

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