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How Divorced Parents Can Reconnect With Children When They Come Back Home

If you haven’t yet experienced your child spending a weekend or more away from you to visit their other parent, you will soon. While you may be expecting hugs and kisses when they return, you may instead find an unenthusiastic greeting, dirty laundry, and more sass than you know what to do with. If this […]

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Child Support, Medical Expenses, and Apps That Can Help

Healthcare, including the myriad of bills that can pop up from just one doctor’s visit, can be complicated to manage. As a divorced parent, managing it for your child across two different households adds an additional degree of difficulty. You don’t have to resign yourself to the aggravation, though. Your proactive planning, communication, and organization […]

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Paying Fair: Sharing School-Related Expenses for Co-parents

There are a few particular seasons in the life of a divorced parent when the complexity of sharing expenses becomes a bit more trying. The specific period we’re addressing here is the back-to-school season. In addition to Christmas and birthdays, it can be one of the most overwhelming times for co-parents and their wallets. Learning […]

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A Co-Parent’s Guide to Virtual Visitation

In a majority of divorce cases where abuse issues are not a factor, mental health experts advise divorced parents to aim for equal amounts of parenting time with their kids in order to help them better adjust after separation. While some children are able to live close to their non-custodial parents and can enjoy regularly […]

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How to Successfully Co-Parent in High Conflict Situations

Most psychologists and court judges agree that having both parents share custody of the children post-divorce is best for the long-term adjustment of the child on psychological, educational, and behavioral levels. Once both parents can agree that their children’s best interests are their top priority, keeping communications cool and agreements met becomes a bit easier, […]

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Tips for Handling Co-Parenting Expenses

Financial conflicts often get cited as a reason married couples argue. When a marriage ends in divorce, money woes can worsen since incomes are no longer combined. Divorce is always rife with challenges and hardships, but when children are in the mix, the challenges become more challenging, and the hardships get harder. Raising kids inevitably […]

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How to Avoid Turning Co-Parenting into a Competition

Often after a divorce or separation, parents find themselves competing with one another for their children’s affection. This competition understandably stems from a place of insecurity. After all, one or both parents could still be suffering from hurt, embarrassment, and feelings of inadequacy, not to mention any number of other emotions. With their marriage broken, […]

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Why Is Co-Parenting So Hard?

Parenting isn’t easy, and co-parenting can sometimes feel downright impossible. With so much change in such a short amount of time, it can be challenging to figure out how to navigate normal everyday issues, much less the difficult decisions. Whereas two parents who were able to help each other out with the struggles of life […]

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6 Apps to Maximize Time With Your Child After Divorce

Co-parenting requires scheduling and time management skills that could trip up even the most organized parents. And the back-and-forth messaging with the co-parent during this time might be all but impossible during challenging divorce proceedings. Not to mention when sharing custody, extra time gets spent planning, documenting, messaging, documenting, scheduling, documenting, filing receipts, and did […]