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Should Co-parents Spend Holidays Together?

Custody schedules for the holidays typically get ironed out in the divorce agreement. Conventionally, co-parents consider holiday set-ups such as: Alternating years–Example: Mom’s place for Christmas Eve and Christmas this year but Dad’s place the following year. Alternating holidays– Example: Dad gets Thanksgiving Day; Mom can have Christmas Eve; Dad can have Christmas Day, etc. […]

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7 Ways to Diminish the Effects of Divorce on Your Child

A quick internet search could probably fill you with dread concerning your child’s destiny after your divorce. Studies abound about how children of divorced parents fare worse than their counterparts in a variety of areas.. Don’t let the statistics leave you feeling frightened and hopeless, though. There are things you can do to help your […]

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Adulting After Divorce: Starting Over Without Compromising Your Child

No matter if you were married for three days or 30 years, are newly divorced or went through one years ago, you and your children are capable of starting over and conquering a difficult situation. It combines internal work, external work, and a practical co-parenting expense tracker app, like DComply. Ready to reclaim yourself and […]

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Planning for Your Kids’ College After Divorce

Parents often have differing opinions about their kids’ college education: in-state versus out-of-state decisions, community college versus a university, helping your kids pay for college versus a “They’re on their own, now!” mentality. Those differences in opinion can be even more notable when the parents are divorced and have possibly moved on to start a […]

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Co-Parenting a Special-Needs Child

Raising children is rarely easy, and parenting them alone after divorce is even trickier. But what might take the cake for the trifecta of tough situations is taking care of a child with special needs after your divorce. While more challenging, it’s not impossible. With thoughtful planning and open communication, you and your co-parent can […]

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The Co-parent’s Guide to a Successful School Year

Discouraging statistics concerning kids of divorce may have you concerned about your child’s education–they receive worse grades in school and experience more behavior problems. But all hope isn’t lost, and you and your child don’t have to accept that fate. Your deliberate involvement, mindful planning, and handy co-parenting apps is how you will set your […]

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The Best Way to Co-parent Your Newborn or Infant

If your relationship with your baby’s father or mother didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that your joint custody and child support arrangement is doomed to fail. Countless separated couples have proven they can work well together to become a great co-parenting team. The first step is to treat your relationship with your ex more […]

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Want to Know How to “Win” Joint Custody and Child Support in Your Divorce?

There’s something you need to know before you or your spouse contact a lawyer or file a divorce petition with the court system. Knowing this could increase your odds of getting what you want most in your divorce settlement…happy, well-adjusted kids. Not to mention, it will save you countless months, money, and migraines. If you […]

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The “Dos” and “Don’ts” Guide to Better Co-parenting

No relationship is 100% smooth-sailing. Co-parenting with your ex-spouse and any possible step-parents will be no different. Chances are, you and your ex-spouse’s communication with each other was less than ideal when you were together. If so, it is entirely normal and understandable that you would have your doubts about making it better now that […]