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Create a First-Rate Co-parenting Plan

The goal is simple: Share custody of your child(ren) with your ex-spouse. The details are anything but… When and how will you share? What days? What about pick-ups and drop-offs? Who’s allowed to take care of them? How do you keep an unruly parenting style in check? These subtle but critical specifics call for a […]

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Co-parent the Easy(er) Way by Going Digital

Want to make co-parenting with your ex a lot easier? Even if that “easier” moment comes in the long run? Start implementing these guidelines ASAP so that parenting duties reach a place of smooth sailing sooner rather than later. Expert Communication Guidelines Divorce experts, from legal counsel to therapists, agree on one essential component of […]

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How a Co-parenting App Helps You Manage Money

Talking about finances is rarely easy for most people. When those people are ex-spouses, it can be an even more difficult conversation to have. Communication between exes usually isn’t the best and is sometimes non-existent. You two now live apart–an inconvenience when figuring out when to talk and how to start. Plus, now you must […]

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Using a Co-parenting App for Court-approved Journaling

Journaling is beneficial in so many ways. It keeps you goal-oriented, allows you to notice and celebrate your victories, reduces stress, inspires creativity, improves communication skills, strengthens memory, and can boost self-confidence. In a life-altering event like a divorce, journaling is more than a “nice to have.” And, it’s essential for more than your mental […]

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How Co-parenting Apps Can Help With Your Narcissistic Ex

Some people are legitimately narcissistic. Others happen to be self-absorbed, inconsiderate, and egotistical way too often. Whether your ex has been clinically diagnosed with narcissism or exhibits some unsavory characteristics that convince you they should be, co-parenting is going to be especially challenging. We have some tips to help you and your co-parent work together […]

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How to Co-parent With Your Abusive Ex

Your ex was physically or emotionally abusive to you, and you finally found the strength and grit to get out of their clutches for good. That’s great news, and we couldn’t be happier for you. The not-so-great news is that if you and your abuser have children together, rarely do you get a clean break […]

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How Do I Choose the Best Co-parenting App?

Tension and bad blood between couples after separation or divorce are common and understandable. However, these conditions make for less-than-optimal parenting. If and when two previous partners commit to actively raising healthy, well-adjusted children, they’ll need teamwork to make the dream work. There’s no getting around the need to interact with one another and to […]

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Co-Parents, Build Your Holiday a Different Way

The holidays are supposed to be a time for thankfulness, family, friends, festivities, and fun. However, big holidays can be maddening with all the preparations and lack of time to get everything done. Holiday stress can really start to build up for the single parent trying to prep for all the events and navigate everyone’s […]

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Should Co-parents Spend Holidays Together?

Custody schedules for the holidays typically get ironed out in the divorce agreement. Conventionally, co-parents consider holiday set-ups such as: Alternating years–Example: Mom’s place for Christmas Eve and Christmas this year but Dad’s place the following year. Alternating holidays– Example: Dad gets Thanksgiving Day; Mom can have Christmas Eve; Dad can have Christmas Day, etc. […]