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Working on Child Support After Losing a Job

Job loss doesn’t automatically free a non-custodial parent from their monthly child support payments. Additional fines and legal troubles result if the parent doesn’t amend their child support payment in the right way. So what’s a parent to do when their income doesn’t meet their financial obligations? Any co-parent who has suffered a significant change […]

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What if Your Child Wants to Live With the Other Parent?

If you’re like most parents, preserving a close relationship with your child after your divorce tops your priority list. Despite your best efforts as a parent, don’t be surprised if your child utters, whines, or outright yells something close to: “I want to go live with [insert your ex’s title here]!” How should a stressed-out, […]

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Setting a Rumor Straight: Child Support Ends at Age 18

It’s a well-circulated rumor that child support automatically ends when the supported child turns 18 years old. For some, that magic number holds true, but not for everyone, of course. The age at which a parent no longer has to pay child support varies from state to state and depends on several factors: State laws […]

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Can a Parent Go to Jail for Not Paying Child Support?

In short, yes. Withholding child support payments can result in a jail sentence. Serving time in jail may sound like an overly harsh punishment to some, but sometimes that kind of negative motivation is necessary to convince others to act in good faith. However, rarely does any one action (or inaction) boil down to one […]

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6 Tips on Being the Best Co-parenting Dad You Can Be

After a divorce, quality time with the kids is critical bonding and adjustment time for both fathers and children. Often, dads split custody with their ex-spouse and see their kids only sometimes during a week. And non-custodial fathers spend even fewer hours with their kids than their ex does. Dads, it’s essential that when your […]

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Understanding and Overcoming Parental Alienation

Divorce is hard on the entire family, most notably the children. A child can feel like the fraying rope in a harsh tug-of-war game. They might incorrectly assume that to express love to one parent is to deny love to the other. Understandably, when a child feels these deep and conflicting emotions, parents can start […]

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Five Essential Financial Skills for Divorced Parents

Divorce can be a real drain – just don’t let it drain you financially. We’ve narrowed down the skills every co-parent needs to regain economic stability to the five essentials. Banking 101: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You Some co-parents may find themselves dropped into unfamiliar territory after a divorce, needing more experience with […]

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How Your Post-Divorce Home Affects Your Life

Divorces are typically emotionally wrought. As if dealing with the mental turmoil of an ended relationship isn’t enough, exes must somehow muster the fortitude to make wise financial decisions that will have far-reaching and long-term impacts. One sizable decision is what to do with the marital home. Read on for some insightful information to aid […]

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Adding Up Child Support Expenses

Child support covers the basic necessities for children, such as food, shelter, and clothing. Courts calculate payments based on different factors unique to each case and state, but most consider income and custody time to determine what’s fair. However, if co-parents can strike a bargain with one another, the court system often goes along with […]